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              Cooperative Value

              Helping farmers and ranchers succeed

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              Creating connections to empower agriculture


              Farmers, ranchers and agriculture co-ops are the heart of CHS and vital to feeding the world.

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              CHS keeps agriculture and communities running smoothly with our fuels and lubricants.

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              Food Ingredients

              CHS creates quality food ingredients from farmers' grains and oilseeds.

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              Under the hood

              A used-oil analysis offers an inside look at equipment health.

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              Producer picking hazelnuts off of a hazelnut tree

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              Modern pioneers

              The Ice Age was good to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. When glacial ice jams collapsed to the north more than 15,000 years ago, epic floods picked up soils from what is now eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana and deposited them in a deep, rich blanket of topsoil throughout the valley.

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              "I have been pleasantly surprised with how much our cooperative truly cares for the community and every co-op member." 

              Brenda Huesers

              CHS Garrison, board director